Which Road in Wilmington Needs a Speed Bump?


Wilmington, MA- Over 9,000 fatalities occurred nationally during 2014 due to speeding according to a latest statistics from a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The information also shows a association between a driver’s age and a odds of a speed-related accident. As a age of a motorist increases, their risk of being in an collision decreases. Men are also some-more expected to be during a circle during a speeding accident, according to a study.

While a series of speed-related fatalities have ceaselessly decreased given 2005, speeding still stays an emanate in many of a Patch communities, including Wilmington. Readers suggested all from increasing military participation to some-more stop signs to building reduction housing to keep trade during bay.

If you’re undone with speeders in a certain partial of Wilmington, we are in good company. We reached out to readers on Facebook, seeking that internal highway they suspicion indispensable a speed bump. Here’s what your neighbors told us:

  • "Since a lights were commissioned during Glen and Middlesex there seems to be a bit some-more trade on Lawrence St. as drivers use it to equivocate them. So approbation a speed strike on Lawrence St. Please. There are a lot of kids that live here. Let's keep them safe."
  • "Right nearby Drury and afterwards another nearby King St."
  • "Lawrence Street! Please! But we doubt that will stop people from racing, and we do meant racing down a street."
  • "Glen road. Speed extent 25. Absolutely no one goes underneath 30.
  • "Mink Run as shortly as it curves into Pouliot place!!! That bend is really dangerous and cars fly."
  • "Definitely Cunningham needs several! People use it as a cut by and speed adult and down all a time."
  • "Park Street streamer downhill from Woburn St. School."
  • "Woburn Street by Sheridan, they always use it to drag. They could use a couple!!!"
  • "Shady Lane and Lawrence St"
  • "POULIOT PLACE tons of tiny kids and a garland of new teenage drivers that fly down a street."

See a travel we don’t determine with, or is there a highway blank from a list? Tell us on Facebook, and make certain to supplement a Wilmington page to your favorites, so we don’t skip any of a latest news from Patch.

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