Modern MD Urgent Care opens on Utica Avenue


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The pointer on a façade of Modern MD Urgent Care during 436 Utica Avenue in Brooklyn, says ‘no appointment necessary,” an invitation to any consumer with a medical puncture that is non-life threatening.

Modern MD non-stop a doors to a open on Saturday, Apr 30, fasten a flourishing series of medical caring comforts that are attracting consumers seeking reduction wait times in puncture bedrooms during hospitals opposite America.

Regional Medical Director of Brooklyn Dr. Daryl McClendon pronounced a support was strenuous from a village that he described as medically underserved and fragile.

According to Dr. McClendon, there is a necessity of obligatory caring comforts to accommodate a flourishing medical needs in Brooklyn communities that take all forms of medical insurance, distinct Modern MD, that accept all medical word for services during a well-equipped bureau with 6 examination rooms, one procession room and a staff of medical professionals.

“We give referrals, and since of a many ubiquitous practitioners that do several functions during Modern MD, we can fill in a opening for many doctors in a village who report appointments 6 weeks, and infrequently longer, to see a patient.

“We will not usually rivet a patient, we strech out to a village to settle relations with patients who are not wakeful of a functions of obligatory care,” pronounced Dr. McClendon.

With an estimated 3 million patient-visits to obligatory caring comforts according to a Urgent Care Association of America, Dr. McCleandon pronounced Modern MD would accommodate a studious though an appointment.

Dr. Stephen Dahmer is a attending medicine though a use will enhance to embody some-more physicians as needed.

“This gives us a ability to offer discerning caring during a reduce cost and in a some-more approachable, veteran and complicated way, that many internal sanatorium don’t provide,” pronounced Dr. McClendon.

According to a study, consumers are seeking to equivocate prolonged waits in puncture bedrooms and are beholden for some-more available dusk and weekend hours, pushing a solid expansion in obligatory caring centers.

This is true, according to CEO Thomas J. Byers who brings a resources of knowledge from a midwest where he operated 30 centers in different regions. As such, Modern MD he pronounced has emulated a indication that is similar, and creates him vehement about bringing a use to a Crown Heights area where obligatory caring is needed.

Byers, who has been in New York for 21 months now, headed one of a largest obligatory caring networks in America, and worked in Michigan, Kentucky and Ohio.

He pronounced he was recruited by partner Brooklyn Hospital that provides medical slip to safeguard a obligatory caring trickery is providing veteran caring to patients.

During this process, Byers pronounced a hospital would work with internal medical entities and hospitals in a area to comprehend a primary idea of lifting a turn of medical in a community, while ensuring everybody gets a best medical options.

“We will partner with internal medical providers to make certain patients accept their slight mammogram and colonoscopy, and suggest specialists to finish this service,” pronounced Byers.

Byers pronounced obligatory caring comforts are set adult where there is a necessity of primary caring physicians. The organisation also wanted to move a pleasing core identical to those found on a top eastside in Manhattan.

In further to an X-ray machine, a trickery is staffed with a medical technician, medical assistant, and bedrooms given with complicated equipment, for fit use pronounced Marketing Director Hernan Hernandez.

Modern MD, a fourth such trickery in Brooklyn, will acquire consumers from 9 am to 9 pm weekdays, and 9 am to 7 pm, weekends, 7 days a week, for both adults and children, though any appointment.

Hernandez reiterated that a trickery would cut watchful time in half, depending on a medical condition of a patient, and how bustling a trickery is.

From a common cold and flu, aches and pains, cuts and bruises, X-rays and tests, Modern MD, as a name suggests, houses a modernized space with amenities such as a special pediatrics room for comfort and discerning service, and a contemporary watchful area ornate with a prosaic shade TV on a wall.

To learn more, go to, or call 646-604-8150.

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