CommInsure liaison raises doubts about MAC sell-off



The CommInsure liaison highlights a dangers fundamental in a State Government's sell-off of a Motor Accident Commission's word functions, writes Morry Bailes.

Morry Bailes


Thursday Mar 10, 2016

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We have been rocked this week by critical allegations done opposite a word arm of Commonwealth Bank, CommInsure. The allegations embody dodgy practices in estimate word claims, involvement in medical assessing and stating of claimants’ medical conditions, anachronistic process wording, delays, and a enlightenment that is clearly unhelpful in each honour to a array of really unfortunate claimants.

It was these really concerns that led to a investiture of a State Government Insurance Commission by a Dunstan Labor supervision in 1971 and a successor, a Motor Accident Commission, whose pursuit it is to word and recompense all engine collision explain victims in this state. In a wisdom, a stream supervision is mid by privatising a MAC and returning a doing of claims to private insurers. One wonders what Mr Dunstan would have to contend were he still with us today. Actually, we know – usually have a peek during a second reading speeches from 1971. It would make some of a stream parliamentarians blanch during their folly. In a difference of a philosopher Santayana, “those who can't remember a past are cursed to repeat it”.

What is a CommInsure story all about? Typically, superannuation policies come with life insurance. Other policies are accessible such as income word for when we are incapacitated for work, mishap cover for injuries that might not be permanent yet that put we out of movement for a while, and sum and permanent incapacity cover that is self-explanatory. These are a form of word policies that CommInsure offering and about that a complaints and allegations have been made.

Now to a integrate of home truths. Unlike a Motor Accident Commission that exists (though not for many longer) for a raise of a claimant, a private word company’s raison d’etre is to make income and lapse that in share value and dividends to a shareholders. It is usually legislation, The Insurance Contracts Act, that ‘keeps a bastards honest’ and attempts to emanate a spin personification margin between gullible claimants and machiavellian insurers. Before a introduction in 1984, insured claimants were a understanding some-more exposed.

The second thing to realize is that each word process is a agreement between dual parties commanded by particular process wording. They are mostly really different. Different underwriters are concerned and eventually there are opposite claims doing approaches and decisions. There is some unity to process writing, yet there isn’t coherence in a claims doing proceed even between claims handlers within a same company. Never truer is a Latin word that lawyers mostly run out, caveat emptor. Let a customer beware.

Let’s not be fooled: no word association has a heart and if a allegations are to be believed per CommInsure there was a satisfactory bit of enlightenment lacking as well.

If we trust lawyers usually get in a approach of these matters, tell that to a few of a claimants angry of their diagnosis during a hands of CommInsure. It was usually when they resorted to authorised assistance and lawsuit that they achieved anything like justice. However, it is tough to scold all of a repairs when years of your life might be mislaid in no man’s land seeking a decent outcome, all a time fast financial repairs while watchful for it. In a ideal universe ‘lawyering up’ shouldn’t be necessary, yet private word companies are frequency charitable benefactors.

As to word lawyers, they are firm by their instructions. The good ones of march advise their word clients sensibly, as a dollar spent now is mostly a good understanding saved after on. Think of a waste now to be suffered by CommInsure. Not usually do they expected have to compensate out claims progressing denied, yet what of a repairs to reputation? we am supposed that a normal punter isn’t now descending over themselves to acquire CommInsure products any time soon! This of march is all before a expected ASIC investigation, probable Senate inquiry, or even, if a prophecy of New South Wales Nationals Senator John Williams is correct, a stately commission.

Given that a whole attention is now expected to come underneath inspection a intriguing doubt will be, is CommInsure alone in a behaviour? Time will tell.

What afterwards of remedies accessible to annoyed claimants? The Insurance Contracts Act provides that insurers contingency act in ‘utmost good faith’, a tenure now pragmatic in each word agreement in Australia. It is a duty, incidentally, that relates to a insured celebration as well.

If a chairman believes there has been a strech of that duty, a chairman might request to a Superannuation Complaints Tribunal for assistance eccentric of a insurer, or find indemnification from a court. It might be intelligent to get some authorised recommendation before creation an focus to a Superannuation Complains Tribunal. It is needed that one seeks authorised assistance before wading into a justice unless a matter is trite.

As to a privatisation of a Motor Accident Commission, one belatedly feels some clearance for what we as lawyers have been observant all along: we are not best served by private insurers holding over a robust, well-run and successful state word intrigue that exists for a raise of all motorists. In annoy of all a reputed safeguards, Mr Dunstan will be valid right all along.

Lawyers take no joviality in behaving for an harmed person, usually as a alloy takes no joviality in treating an indisposed patient. However we have a pursuit to do and these revelations denote a significance of a purpose in representing a interests of those many disadvantaged when pitted opposite a interests of a corporation. Let’s not be fooled: no word association has a heart and if a allegations are to be believed per CommInsure there was a satisfactory bit of enlightenment lacking as well. Corporate ‘conscience’ is usually ever as good as a care and a people.

The decent players in a attention contingency be perturbed during this spin of events. That said, a intrepid and eccentric review and exploration contingency follow in sequence for all Australians to be reassured that their lives, livelihoods and those of their families, will not be broken by erratic word decisions when they are during their lowest ebb. After all, if we take notice of a clearly unconstrained swell of word association advertisements depicting each fathomable disaster that we are ever expected to encounter, isn’t that what word is all about?

Dealing with word companies is a checkered experience. Not all are irrational and word is essential. My clarity however is that this story has in all luck burst open a festering problem and has a approach to go. Watch this space.

Morry Bailes is a handling partner during Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers, treasurer of a Law Council of Australia and is a past boss of a Law Society of SA. The opinions voiced in this mainstay are his own. He is a member of a Liberal Party.

His mainstay appears fortnightly in InDaily.


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