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ATI dropping company-sponsored life word devise for Ludlum retirees

Beginning Jan. 1, retirees of what was once Allegheny Ludlum will have to compensate for their possess life insurance.

Allegheny Technologies Inc., Ludlum's primogenitor company, told retirees of a change around a form minute mailed out this month.

The minute says ATI will no longer compensate a monthly premiums of retirees. It says that some-more information will be sent out after this month for those who wish to collect adult a payments on their possess behalf.

“I don't even know what it will cost a month to keep it,” pronounced Joe Pollack, 83, who late as a salaried worker from a Harrison steel indent in 1993 after some-more than 40 years. “I theory if we die before Jan. 1, my mother (Theresa) will be OK.”

ATI orator Dan Greenfield pronounced a preference to stop a payments was quite financial.

“Anytime we make a preference about employees, it's a tough decision,” Greenfield said. “The plant before famous as Allegheny Ludlum has been losing money.

“This is a cost reduction,” he said. “Very few, if any, companies offer life word to their late employees.”

Greenfield wouldn't contend how many retirees or that retirees this change was affecting.

“It affects those who got a letter,” he said.

Greenfield pronounced he didn't know what a standard retirement will have to compensate in premiums if they wish to keep their stream insurance.

Greenfield pronounced a roughly 1,000 people who work during what is now called a ATI Brackenridge Operations and ATI's investigate core on Pacific Avenue in Harrison won't be theme to any changes in their stream advantages since of a company's new policy.

Pollack, who pronounced his word process is value $27,000, pronounced this will only supplement to a cost of vital for him and his wife.

“They took divided a health caring in 2010,” he said, referring to when a association dangling health word coverage for a late employees. “I remember when we was a small child examination my father and his co-workers quarrel for a kinship down there — and advantages like a ones they're holding from us. Now, we (retirees) are only profitable for their new plant.”

Pollack was referencing a company's new $1.1 billion, state-of-the-art prohibited frame mill, that has nonetheless to be strictly opened.

R.A. Monti is a freelance contributor for Trib Total Media.

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