10 Best Dividend Stocks to Own Now for a Safe Retirement


With seductiveness rates sitting nearby record lows, a batch marketplace attack all-time highs, and tellurian expansion remaining sluggish, many regressive investors seeking protected retirement income are anxious.

Dividend bonds have been a renouned place to hunt for retirement income since they offer yields aloft than Treasuries and produce a intensity for income expansion and collateral appreciation.

However, not all division bonds are protected -- generally those with high yields and unsure fundamentals.

This Conservative Retirees division portfolio looks by thousands of companies to find a best division bonds that offer a high yield, compensate protected dividends, produce division expansion in additional of a rate of inflation, trade during reasonable valuations, and are some-more defensive to reserve collateral in a eventuality of a marketplace correction.

I found a series of high peculiarity businesses that accommodate many of my criteria. Here are 10 of a best division bonds for protected retirement income:

1. Johnson Johnson (JNJ)

When it comes to a virtues of being dependable, predicted and reliable, there are few companies like Johnson Johnson. Like many other regressive division investors, a association is one of my favorite blue-chip division stocks.

Founded approach behind in 1886 to emanate bleach surgical dressings, currently JNJ is a rarely diversified $70 billion company; a 8th largest medical craving according to Fortune Magazine.

The association is orderly into 3 business segments: Consumer (19.2%), Pharmaceutical (44.9%) and Medical Devices (35.9%). A brief list of a dozens of bland code names includes: Listerine, Band-Aid, Tylenol, Johnson's baby products and Neutrogena. The curative shred is scarcely diversified. Of a 16 tip offered products usually Remicade prescribed to a diagnosis of arthritis represents as many 9% of sum JJ business. The medical device business is each bit diversified including Orthopedics, Surgery, Vision Care, Cardiovascular and Diabetes Care.

Johnson Johnson employs over 127,000 worldwide with a revenues division roughly equally between a United States and International. For reserve in retirement, it is tough to find a improved balance.

The Food And Drug Administration in a U.S. and identical bodies in many countries umpire a medical industry. Approval requires millions of dollars and many years investment in investigate and expansion to infer reserve and efficacy. Patents that extent or forestall foe strengthen many products. The high cost of expansion as good as augmenting supervision efforts to enclose cost acceleration has lead to converging of a industry.

Johnson Johnson has lifted a division for some-more than 50 uninterrupted years, creation it one of a many arguable dividend-paying bonds in a marketplace as good as a member of a disdainful Dividend Kings list.

The quarterly division was final increasing in Apr to an annual rate of $2.40 providing a stream produce of 2.6%. Dividend expansion has been an above normal 8.8% over a past 10 years and 6.9% over a past five.

A protected retirement with JNJ also means a flourishing payout. Here is why. JNJ pays out only 55% of earnings. The association is rarely essential (25% handling margins) and generates outrageous amounts of handling money upsurge ($19 billion). A payout ratio of as many as 75% would not mistreat a company's flexibility.

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